Exceptional Creations

With Toccara


Wow!!! After speaking with Toccara she created exactly what I needed!! She took my request, issues, troubles....and created a line just for me and my daughter's needs - both skin and hair care.

Standard Fitness Evans

@toccara1981 dropped off my beard oil, body butter and balm. Ya'll, these products are 2nd to none! The way the weather is set up or if your beard game is weak, I would suggest her beard oil. 

instagram :Ceostephen

Her oils are amazing!!! I fell two Saturdays ago (Sssh, don't tell nobody lol), but I used her pain oil 3 days in a row and I had no more pain after that!! And the eczema butter she makes is wonderful. My skin is so hydrated now.!!! Amazing!!! You won't go wrong with anything Toccara makes!!!

Crystal C.

I would just like to say this Green Goddess cleansing bar & body butter is everything! It smells wonderful. The body butter is moisture heaven!

Q Williams-Jenkins